Z is for zones, regions, districts and multiple districts

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Lions members join clubs to serve their communities but Lions is so much more than this.

Lions clubs are grouped together into zones where up to 8 clubs within an area can work together to achieve more than one club could on their own. In some cases zones are grouped into regions providing a higher level of continuity.

These zones and regions are grouped into administrative districts allowing the activities of clubs to be supported by a District Governor and a team of district officers, all themselves volunteer club members. In some cases a district will encompass a whole country while others cover just a few counties. Some districts are further grouped into Multiple Districts (usually a country) so that the activities of clubs can be coordinated at a national level.

In the case of the British Isles and Ireland, a multiple district (MD105) covers all of the clubs in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as well as the neighboring islands such as the Channel Islands, Man and the Scottish Isles. The map below shows how the MD is divided into 13 districts.uknew

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